Can Me Some Salmon

A brief search on the interwebs yielded a mix of recipes for salmon patties, cakes and croquet. About half include canned salmon and the other half fresh. And all of the fresh salmon recipes add the extra step of cooking the salmon, then flaking and breaking it down. I think canned salmon might ultimately win […]

When Great Food Looks like Crap

When Great Food Looks Like Sh*t I have been told so many times that we eat with our eyes.  In philosophic terms, we do.  Our eyes ‘drink’ in a view or admire an attractive person.  We do the same with a plate of food.  As a cook, food stylist, and photographer, making all of the […]

The Evolution of Beef Stroganoff

Family and our food history are important to me Beef stroganoff is a recipe that has been around since the mid-19th century, and is classically a beef dish served with a sour cream sauce.  And the evolution of beef stroganoff is well documented around the world.  For my family, it may very well have originated […]

Meal prep and planning

Meal Planning revisited A few years ago, when I started this website, one goal was to teach people how to plan meals and shop as  efficiently as possible.  Several new services and businesses have cropped up to reduce stress for the people eating the food.  While there is nothing wrong with any of these options, […]

Wine Workers

The “fun” wine job There are so many wine workers who schlep around wine all day long. And beer and liquor. Most are underpaid and overworked. But we do it for the love of the product. A couple of times a week, a customer will comment that my “job must be a lot of fun!” […]

Evolutionary Eats Projects

I had to get a job! No worries, it’s one I like and my bosses seem to like me.  It’s a good fit.  But it’s taken me away from some of my projects, so there are some updates. I will be teaching and catering a class for a group of women who love food and […]

Thyroid Medications and Your Diet

Is Your Diet Undermining the Benefits of your Thyroid Medication? I don’t eat yogurt for breakfast anymore. And I can’t have a smoothie with kale and whey protein either. And those awesome shakes for weight loss are out too. No lattes, no cocoa, not even a bowl of cereal with milk and bananas. I have […]